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Flavours from Syria to Senegal (Feb. 2020)


Product Description

With this box, we’re taking you on a beautiful and delicious adventure from the Middle East across North Africa to West Africa. Throughout these regions, there are flavours that are fragrant, floral, earthy, nutty, spicy, sweet, piquant, and more. So, come along on this tasty trip!

  • 🌹 Rose Water • Cortas
    A popular flavouring for hundreds of years, rose water is a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern and North African desserts. Beautifully floral and fragrant, we simply adore baking with rose water! Imported from Lebanon.
    Recipe: Syrian Baklava
  • 🌍 Organic Tahini • Tarazi Specialty Foods
    Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds, and not only is Tarazi’s tasty, it’s also 100% natural and kosher. Common in the Middle East and North Africa, tahini appears in both sweet and savoury dishes.
    Recipe: Baked Tahini Doughnuts with Tahini Chocolate Bourbon Glaze
  • 🌾 Fonio • Yolélé
    Grown and celebrated across West Africa for millennia, fonio is a tiny, gluten-free grain with a low glycemic index. Founded by a Senegalese chef, Yolélé hopes to elevate communities across the West African Sahel.
    Recipe: Lemon Curd Tart with Gluten-Free Fonio Crust
  • 🇹🇳 Tunisian Ceramic Bowl • Follow The Dunes
    Handmade by a collective of traditional artisans, this gorgeous bowl is perfect as a prep bowl, for holding sprinkles while you decorate cakes, or as a piece of decor. With 10 different designs, each bowl is selected at random. Imported from Tunisia.
  • 💕 Organic Rose Petals • Rose Dose
    These rose petals were hand-picked in the Valley of the Roses, Morocco. Make your desserts even prettier by sprinkling some rose petals on top! Also use them to enhance teas and cocktails or add to a hot bath for a relaxing, at-home spa day.
  • ⭐️ Moroccan Fondant Stamp • 3D Kamotion
    With its lovely arabesque design, this 3D printed stamp can be used to add patterns to fondant, cookies, pie crust, and more. Hand-wash only. Imported from Canada.

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