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All-Natural Indulgence (Aug. 2020)


Product Description

Can you have your cake and keep it all-natural, too? You betcha! 🍰💫 With this delivery, we sent our subscribers some fabulous goodies that contain minimal, natural ingredients but are still completely yummy and totally indulgent 😎 This box includes:

  • 🇦🇫 Sun-Dried Figs • Ziba Foods
    Grown in remote regions of southern Afghanistan, Ziba’s figs are carefully cultivated by small-scale farmers. Their heirloom fig trees pass traits from generation to generation through open pollination. Naturally sweet and high in calcium, iron, and fiber, figs are wonderful for baking or as a healthy treat.
    Recipe: Homemade Fig Newtons
  • 🍫 Dark Chocolate Almond Spread • Broma
    Made with roasted almonds and sustainably sourced cocoa powder, Broma’s spread packs extra protein and fiber from a surprising ingredient: lentils! Non-GMO and preservative-free, this spread also contains zero refined sugars.
    Recipe: Chokladbiskvier med Broma Smörkräm (Swedish Chocolate Almond Macaroons with Broma Buttercream)
  • 🌴 Date Syrup • Just Date Syrup
    This date syrup is literally just that: date syrup. Made with only one ingredient—luscious, organic California Medjool dates—this syrup has a low glycemic index and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Sounds pretty sweet, if you ask us!
    Recipe: Challah Cinnamon Rolls with Date & Tahini Frosting
  • 🌈 Powdered Food Colouring • Color Kitchen Foods
    Create technicolour frosting with-out worrying about artificial dyes or other icky stuff, as this set only contains plant-based colours. Pack includes pink (beet), yellow (turmeric), and blue (spirulina).
  • ☕️ Kaffe & Clove Sugar Scrub • Scandic Botanica
    Taking inspiration from nature in Scandinavia, this skincare brand focuses on wholesome restoration. Have a fika-inspired spa day with this sugar scrub featuring organic coffee, cacao, coconut, and clove.

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