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Nordic Yuletide (Nov. 2020)


Product Description

While it’s always baking season for us, we’re now in Official Baking Season! 👩🏼‍🍳 With our Nordic Yuletide box, we whisked our subscribers far up north for a little holiday cheer. We hope that jul get inspired by the Scandinavian ingredients, tools, and treats in this box 🇸🇪❤️🇩🇰❤️🇮🇸❤️🇳🇴❤️🇫🇮 This box includes:

  • 💛 Saffron Threads • Divine Healing Saffron
    The world’s most expensive spice—saffron—is widely used in Swedish cuisine, especially during the holidays. Divine Healing’s award-winning, premium saffron is grown in Herat, Afghanistan where they provide jobs and help farmers grow saffron instead of opium.
    Recipe: Lussekatter (Swedish St. Lucia Saffron Buns)
  • ⛅️ Cloud Forest Cardamom • Burlap & Barrel
    Most people believe that we should thank the Vikings for introducing Scandinavia to cardamom, now a staple in Nordic baking. We love this warming spice, so tack så mycket, vikingar! Burlap & Barrel’s single-origin cardamom is grown in Guatemalan cloud forests.
    Recipe: Pebernødder (Danish Peppernuts)
  • 🍚 Scandinavian Style Porridge Rice • Lars Own
    Hearty, comforting rice porridge and rice pudding are Scandinavian favourites, especially during the long, dark winter. When making the pudding, hide one whole blanched almond in it, and whoever finds the almond wins the marzipan pig! Imported from Sweden.
    Recipe: Risalamande med Kirsebærsauce (Danish Almond Rice Pudding with Cherry Sauce)
  • 🇳🇴 Sandbakkelse Tins • Bethany Housewares
    At Christmastime, Norwegians have a tradition called syv slags kaker (seven kinds of cookies) where they always make at least seven different sweet treats. Sandbakkelse are one of the most common, and they’re baked in these special, small, tart-shaped tins.
    Recipe: Sandbakkelse (Norwegian Sugar Cookies)
  • 🍪 Scalloped Circle & Heart Cookie Cutters • Ann Clark Cookie Cutters
    Whatever you call ‘em—pepparkakor, piparkakut, pepperkaker, piparkökur, peberkager—these thin, crispy gingerbread biscuits are incredibly popular in the Nordic region during the holidays. Make them in rather customary shapes with these two cookie cutters.
    Recipe: Piparkakut (Finnish Gingerbread Biscuits)
  • 📚 Cozy Books, Snowy Days Bookmark • Emily Cromwell Designs
    Practically all Icelanders gift books for Christmas due to Jólabókaflóðið. This annual book flood occurs when all of the new books are released leading up to the holidays.
  • 🐷 Marzipan Lucky Pig • Funsch
    You can save this yummy marzipan piggy to eat at New Year for good luck or give him to whoever finds the whole almond in your risalamande! Imported from Germany.

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