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Tropical Escape (Dec. 2020)


Product Description

2020 was a long, difficult year, so let’s all take an imaginary holiday to a tropical island, shall we? With our most recent delivery, we tantalized our subscribers’ senses with flavours and goodies inspired by sun-soaked paradise 🏝 This box includes:

  • 💜 Passion Fruit Fèves • Valrhona
    Valrhona has blown our minds with their Inspiration line of all-natural couvertures! For these fèves, they replaced cocoa with passion fruit so that pastry chefs can use passion fruit like they would use chocolate. Whoa… and yum!
    Recipe: Passion Fruit Stuffed Paradise Cookies
  • 🍍 Piña Colada Flavour • LorAnn Oils
    If you like piña coladas… and bakin’ while it rains… then you’ll love this flavouring! Add this tasty blend of pineapple and coconut to your bakes and transport yourself to the islands with the very first bite.
    Recipe: Piña Colada Cake Truffles
  • 🥭 Caribbean Pepper Slather • Chef Gerrie
    This scrumptious spread features yellow peppers, mangoes, habaneros, bananas, and tamarind for a sweet and spicy taste. Use it to add more flavour to unique bakes and savoury dishes or simply slather it on a sandwich!
    Recipe: Caribbean Cashew Bread
  • 🦜 Tropical Bird Cupcake Kit • Meri Meri
    With these pretty toppers and shiny gold liners, toucan turn any batch of cupcakes into a bright and happy display. This charming cupcake kit includes six different topper designs and twenty-four baking cups.
  • ☀️ Key Lime Lip Balm • Savannah Bee Company
    Tart and sweet, key lime pie is one of our favourite island desserts. This winter, hark back to sunny days and even sunnier treats while keeping your lips protected and hydrated with this organic beeswax and propolis lip balm.
  • 🥥 Coconutty Mini Bar • Mayana Chocolate
    We made it to the end of 2020, so everyone deserves some chocolate! Enjoy yummy layers of salted peanut caramel and creamy coconut—all coated with 66% dark chocolate.

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