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Green is the New Black (March 2021)


Product Description

Since Earth Day is right around the corner, this box features eco-friendly ingredients, tools, and goodies! Whether it’s baking with upcycled ingredients, using fewer single-use plastics, or purchasing from other Earth-conscious companies, we’re hoping this delivery will help us all find some new, easy ways to lessen our environmental impact. This box includes:

  • 🍍 Party Pineapple • Jali Fruit Co.
    Hand-picked from ancestral trees on small family farms, these fruit slices are sun-dried using passive solar dehydrators. Over the years, Jali and their partner farmers have saved more than 100,000 lbs of produce from being wasted!
    Recipe: Hummingbird Oatmeal Cookies
  • 🍁 Maple Bourbon Almonds • NETZRO + We Are Nuts
    The beer brewing process leaves behind a lot of high fiber, high protein spent grain. For this collaboration, We Are Nuts created small batch candied almonds using NETZRO’s spent grain from local Twin Cities breweries.
    Recipe: Banana Bread with Almond Streusel
  • 🍫 Upcycled Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix • Renewal Mill
    Crafted by a James Beard Award- winning baker, this dark chocolate brownie mix contains several upcycled ingredients! Whether you throw this mix together or kick it up a notch, you’ll feel good knowing that your gooey brownies are helping to fight climate change.
    Recipe: Oreo Brookies
  • 🐝 Beeswax Wraps Set • Bee’s Wrap
    Cling film is sooo last year! Easily reduce plastic use in your kitchen by utilizing these washable and biodegradable beeswax wraps. Use ‘em to cover the bowl while your dough rises, store fresh bread, wrap cheese, and more.
  • 🍋 Silicone Food Savers • Food Huggers
    Reduce food waste and plastic waste with these “hugging” food savers. Designed to fit an array of fruits and vegetables, you can also use these to seal opened cans or jars. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe and 100% BPA- & phthalate-free.
  • 🍌 Banana & Nibs Noons • Candid
    Need an afternoon pick-me-up? These tasty little treats are made with the entire cacao pod—the seed and the fruit pulp. What’s more, Candid is so committed to sustainable packaging that the inner bag is compostable!

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