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Buttercream & Blooms (April 2021)


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Spring is brimming with warmer days, buzzing bees, pastel colours, and *ACHOO!* pollen. You know what makes the massive amounts of pollen worth it? All of the buds, blossoms, and blooms that pop up everywhere in myriad colours! This box celebrates the best part of springtime: the flowers. This box includes:

  • 🌼 Rhubarb & Dandelion Jam • Blake Hill Preserves
    In their meadows, Blake Hill forages for wild dandelion flowers, which they then combine with heritage variety rhubarb and raw clover honey to make this tangy, sweet, and scrumptious jam.
    Recipe: Rhubarb, Dandelion, and Cheddar Thumbprint Biscuits
  • 🌿 Goldfinch Simple Syrup • Meadowland
    Inspired by warm and breezy summer mornings, this simple syrup features flavours of honey, vanilla, and chamomile. Use this Oregon-made, handcrafted syrup in bakes, coffee, or cocktails.
    Recipe: Honey Cupcakes with Chamomile Honey Buttercream
  • 🧡 Orange Blossom Water • Indo~European Foods
    This lovely botanical flavouring is distilled from bitter orange blossoms, and it is a traditional ingredient in Middle Eastern and North African cuisines. Imported from Lebanon.
    Recipe: Namoura (Lebanese Syrup-Soaked Semolina Cake)
  • 🌻 Flower Silicone Mould • NY Cake
    Use this mould to easily make chocolate, marzipan, fondant, or isomalt flowers to decorate your cakes and more! Plus, since this mould is silicone, you can simply bend it to pop out your confections without breaking them.
  • 🌷 Floral Piping Tips Set • Ateco
    With a Russian piping tip (246), you can quickly create intricate floral designs on your cakes and cupcakes! We’ve also included a Russian ball tip (275) for ruffled, floral-inspired designs and a leaf tip (263) for finishing touches.
  • 🍭 Seed-Bearing Lollipop • Amborella Organics
    With their unique lollipops, AO hopes to remind people of our relationship with nature. After enjoying your organic, non-GMO, artificial dye-free candy, plant the biodegradable stick in soil and test out your green thumb.

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