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Yippee Pie Yay (Oct. 2021)


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Lately we simply cannot stop thinking about pies! 😍 They’re one of our favourite things to bake (and eat!). This time of year we seem to crave pie even more than normal, and we’re sure that we aren’t the only ones. So with this delivery, let’s all keep our eyes on the pies! 🥧🥧🥧 This box includes:

  • 🤎 Shelled Georgia Pecans • Lane Southern Orchards
    Did you know that Georgia is the USA’s top pecan-producing state? Yep! And we might be biased, but we think GA pecans are the best! Since it’s now pecan season, we took a little field trip to a farm in central Georgia to pick up these pecans just for y’all.
    Recipe: Brownie Pecan Pie
  • 🇹🇭 Agar-Agar Powder • Telephone Brand
    This seaweed-derived gelatin substitute works well as a stabilizing and thickening agent. Use agar to make vegetarian-friendly chiffon or mousse pies, panna cotta, marshmallows, gelée, and more. Imported from Thailand.
    Recipe: Brown Sugar Gingersnap Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
  • 🌟 Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar • Beautiful Briny Sea
    We love the sugar and salt blends from this Atlanta-based company! For their vanilla sugar, BBS combines organic cane sugar with the finest Madagascar vanilla beans. Add it to your bakes, sprinkle it on top of your pie crusts, or swirl a spoonful into your coffee.
    Recipe: Dutch Apple Pie Cookies
  • 🍁 Pie Crust Cutters • Ateco
    Get ready to make your pies extra fabulous! With these pie punches, you can easily cut and emboss leaf and snowflake pie crust decorations. You can also use ‘em with cookie dough or fondant.
  • 🕯 Mom’s Apple Pie Candle • Hard Knot Designs
    Take an olfactory trip down memory lane without your mom having to peel a single apple! Light this hand-poured candle and fill your home with the wonderful scent of warm apple pie.
  • 🙃 Waterproof Pie Sticker • Fae Ashley Art
    We have to agree with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on this one: nobody likes a soggy bottom! No matter how you ensure flaky, crispy crusts, we hope this sticker brings a smile to your face.

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