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Deutschland (Nov. 2021)


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Can you guess where we’re taking your taste buds with this box? Ja, Deutschland! 🇩🇪 In Germany—the land of Black Forest cake, pretzels, apple strudel, stollen, lebkuchen, and so much more—there is a plethora of delicious baked goods to be had. Now join us for this yummy trip, won’t you? 🙃

This box was curated in memory of Gisela, a dear family friend of our founder, Becky. After living through WWII in Germany, Gisela moved to the USA where she met the Clutters several decades ago. Gisela was a creative, kind, generous, wonderful person, and she is deeply missed 💐🦆💕

  • 🥔 Marzipan • Odense
    A candy dough made from sugar and almonds, marzipan is used in myriad German baked goods and confections. During the holiday season, Germans will gift marzipan pigs (for good luck!) and potatoes. Imported from Denmark.
    Recipe: Stollen (German Christmas Fruit Bread)
  • 💜 Plum Butter • Maintal
    Maintal has been making fruit spreads for more than a century! To create their pflaumenmus, they harvest plums at their peak and combine them with warm spices. Imported from Germany.
    Recipe: Butterkuchen mit Pflaumenmus (Butter Cake with Plum Jam)
  • 🧂 Baker’s Ammonia • LorAnn Oils
    Also known as hirschhornsalz or hartshorn, this old-fashioned leaven is called for in many German cookie recipes. It helps cookies become light and crisp—and keep their shape in the oven.
    Recipe: Springerle (German Embossed Cookies)
  • 🌹 Springerle Mould • House on the Hill
    Springerle are embossed cookies with a long, rich history in Germany. House on the Hill’s lovely moulds are hand-cast keepsakes that are replicas of antique carvings and newer designs that pay tribute to tradition.
  • 🍪 German Baking Wafers • Küchle
    Oblaten are essential for baking certain German holiday cookies, such as lebkuchen. They ensure that your cookies are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Imported from Germany.
  • 🍒 Cherry Cordials • Asbach
    Gisela really loved cherry cordials, especially if there was a wee nip of liqueur inside. These treats feature cherries marinated in Asbach brandy enrobed in fine chocolate. Imported from Germany.

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