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Swedish Pearl Sugar • Lars Own

Pärlsocker (pearl sugar) is a coarse, hard sugar that doesn’t melt at typical baking temperatures. In Sweden, it’s often used to decorate baked goods, such as the kanelbulle in our logo!

Blood Orange Oil • LorAnn Oils

This pure, natural oil has a bright, citrusy scent that is simply divine. As it’s an essential oil, a little goes a long way in your baked goods.

Creamy Peanut Butter • Georgia Grinders

Since Fikabröd is located in Atlanta, we just had to feature a Georgia grown product. Handcrafted in small batches, this creamy peanut butter includes only two ingredients: Georgia peanuts & sea salt.

Hey Cupcake! Socks • Woven Pear

When we first came across these adorable socks months ago, we immediately fell in love—and not solely because they feature Fikabröd’s colours! These comfy socks will make your feet and your baking-loving heart happy.

Custom Designed Notebook • Fikabröd

Inspired by Swedish folk art, we designed this notebook just for our subscribers! This pocket-sized notebook can go with you everywhere so you’re always ready to jot down baking ideas or sketches.

Dessert Pen • SoFun

If we’re going to send our subscribers a notebook, then we should give 'em a cute pen, too, right? Selected at random, each darling gel pen is sweetly scented.